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There are lots of resources for girls coming of age. Boys are different, simple and straight forward. Check out the book "Dangerous  book for Boys" that focuses on simple pleasures of childhood  for ages 8 and up. It encourages the exploration and imaginative/creative play lost in this high tech era.  And don’t forget to have that talk with your boy.  Gear it for his age and maturity.  A good time to start is about age 11.

Ronald says Hi!  SHM has been a World Vision Sponsor since 2003.  Ronald is a 9yo boy from Gulu, Uganda.  He recently sent us a picture and progress report and sends us his regards.  He received mosquito netting to prevent Malaria, a deadly blood disease carried by mosquitoes.  Learn more about Malaria.  Find Uganda on your world map.  Have your family sponsor a child too!

Lori Colyer-Aversa, MD

399 Hoover Ave. #5 Bloomfield,NJ 07003 973.748.9500

SHM Sponsored scholarship


*Joseph A. Colyer Fine Arts Scholarship 2008- Students striving for excellence in art and literature.  Recipients received financial aid  towards art materials, media or tuition.

Applications for the 2008 season can be obtained via the Bloomfield medical office by calling 973- 748-9500   

Statement of faith and Belief

Student Health Ministries operates under the belief that Jesus is the son of God, the Christ prophesied in the Bible, and that he died for our sins and rose to life that we may too be born again by simply believing in him.

(Reference-John 3:16)

This is ministry. While we respect the views and beliefs of others, we in no way shrink from our responsibility to confess Christ as Lord and to place God first in all we do.